The Sling Spot and Sheffield Sling Surgery team would like to thank you for hiring from us. We hope you and your child will enjoy using your hire. These are our terms and conditions of hire.


By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you agree:-

– to pay for the hire period of hired items and are responsible for paying for items lost or damaged whilst in your possession. You also agree to us charging you automatically for overdue hire fees.

– that it is your responsibility to ensure that we have your correct contact details on file and are receiving our emails regarding your hire.

– to look after the hired items in your possession and bring them back by the return date or arrange to extend the hire prior to the due date.

– to contact us if you have any problems with the hired carrier and related equipment.

Before you hire

You must have a hire account created with us and a payment method setup. We prefer card payments. We may also ask for proof of ID. You must also agree to these Terms and Conditions and to our Privacy Policy. The agreement is recorded electronically.

Personal Details

We hold securely on file details about you and your family in our MyTurn catalogue system. This includes your full name, home address, email address and telephone number. We also keep a record of spouses or partners who may pay for future hire fees via card, bank transfer or PayPal to make it easy to keep your account up to date. For this reason, we also take notes of former names, such as maiden names where relevant.

Your personal details will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will only be used to contact you in relation to your loan. You are welcome to sign up separately for our newsletter.

Equipment available for hire

The items that we hire to customers are Baby Carriers including Stretchy Wraps, Close Caboos, Buckle Carriers, Woven Wraps, Ring Slings and hybrid carriers including, but not limited to, Meh Dais, Onbuhimos and Half Buckles.

We also hire out accessories including, but not limited to, babywearing coats, covers, teething pads, booties and ear defenders.

All equipment hired to you remains owned by us for the duration of the hire period.

Our Commitment to You

We will supply equipment for you and your little one that is:-

Suitable for you and your child.

Clean and in good condition.

Exclusively yours to use during the hire period.

Your obligations to us

The hire agreement is personal to you and your immediate family. You must allow nor authorise any other person or entity to use, re-hire, or have possession of the hired items at any time unless previously agreed with us in writing beforehand.

Upon receipt of the hire items at the start of the hire period you agree that you are satisfied that the items are in good condition and suitable for the purpose of the hire. You will use the hired items for only the purposes for which it was intended by the manufacturer.

You must use the items safely and strictly in accordance with all laws, only for its intended use and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; we will only hire to you if we are certain that you know how to use the carrier safely and is appropriate for your situation and child being carried.

It is your responsibility to ensure that other members of your family using this carrier are competent and aware of the safety implications of carrying children in a carrier. We supply a safety leaflet for this purpose.

You will return the items and related accessories in good condition on the due date advised when you hire the item(s).

If your hired item is damaged whilst in your care, you will let us know immediately and stop using it. You are liable for replacing damaged items.

Upon returning the carrier please notify us of any other problems with the carrier.

You will pay any outstanding charges and fees for lost or damaged items.

Issues with the Carrier during the hire period.

If you are having trouble with the comfort or fit of your hired carrier, you are welcome to exchange it for an alternative during the hire period free of charge.


How we communicate with you.

Email and Junk Folders

We will contact you mainly via email with regard to your outstanding hire. Please ensure that your email address is input correctly. A confirmation email should be sent to you when your hire account is set up, if you haven’t received this, please contact or and we will re-send the confirmation email. Please note, that some email providers, such as Hotmail, have an aggressive junk mail filter and may send our messages to the junk folder – please add us to your address book or Approved Senders list.

Contact via telephone or post

We may need to contact you about your hired carrier via telephone or post. Please ensure that your contact details are correct and inform us when you update them.


Hiring items

All carriers are lent subject to availability, condition and suitability, and up to 2 carriers may be borrowed at one time.

The standard loan period is one week. Sling hire fees are paid in advance of the hire period. Discounts are available for four week hire periods. Longer and shorter hire is possible, and slings can be returned to the Sling Spot shop (73 Leadmill Road, Sheffield, S1 4SE) during opening hours (10-2 weekdays and 10-1 on Saturdays).

A sling can be hired for up to three months continually (to remain compliant with the Consumer Credit Act 1974), after this a new hire period must begin.

Hire Fees

Payment is to be made on collection of the carrier or in advance for Postal Hires.

You are welcome to exchange your hired carrier for an alternative (of a similar hire type) within your original hire period for no extra charge. For postal hires, you will be liable for the cost of postage for both the returned item and for us to send out your alternative hire.

We have separate price ranges for certain hire types:

Stretchy Wraps and Close Caboos are at the low rate.

Buckle Carriers and Woven Wraps etc. are at the standard rate.

Babywearing Jackets are at the premium rate.

Swaps between these ranges will have the hire period adjusted according to the amount of time left of the hire period.

Please book a support appointment at or attend a library drop-in session or contact us at to arrange this.

If you wish to hire a different type of sling at the end of your agreed loan period, the usual hire charges apply.

Postal loans will only be sent on receipt of the deposit (deposits are not required for local users collecting in person) as well as the hire fee and postage costs.

Hire fees and postal costs are non-refundable.

Where can items be hired from?

Carriers will be hired from a Sling Surgery library session/consult/workshop. You will receive advice from from a trained Consultant or Peer Supporter to ensure safe usage. All slings are loaned with an email that contains videos and instructions attached. We provide online support via email or the Facebook group for queries and parents/carers can attend any of the drop ins for tweaks and checks and help.

Items can also be hired from the Sling Spot Shop. If you know exactly the carrier you want and are confident you know how to use it, send us an email and once we’ve responded we will have it ready for you to collect.  If you require more help than a quick “fit-check”, please attend a library session or book a one to one appointment.

Postal Hire Exemptions

Items hired by post are subject to all the standard commitments from us and obligations from you apart from those which are unable to be fulfilled due to the nature of Postal Hires. These include, but are not limited to:-

We are unable to do fit checks with Postal Hires, although you are welcome to contact us to ask for any advice we can give at a distance.

It is up to you to ensure that the carrier ordered is suitable for the intended person. If you require help with fitting etc., check the Sling Pages for a Sling Consultancy Service that is close to you.

If the carrier arrives and there is an issue with it, please get in touch immediately to resolve the problem. If you do not notify us within the first 24 hours after receiving the hired item, we will assume that you received the item(s) in good condition.

Postal Hirers also pay a deposit of the full cost of the carrier upfront. If the carrier is not returned in time, the daily hire rate is taken from the deposit when it is returned to you.

In Exceptional Circumstances, such as during a pandemic lockdown, we may supply postal hires without deposits for customers who have used our services in the past, but we will require a payment for the hire and postage. This is subject to availability.

Free Stretchy Hire Scheme


All babies under 6 weeks (or premature babies under 6 weeks corrected).

The free hire is only available for the first stretchy carrier hired for a child. Any buckle carriers or accessories hired at the same time are charged at the standard rate.

Multiple children are eligible for one free stretchy hire period each.

The Free Stretchy Hire scheme is not available for Postal Hires as we want to ensure that small babies are suitably supported by the wearer in this most vulnerable of stages. We may make an exception if a known and recognised sling consultant refers you to us.

Length of Free Hire Period

The hire period is for four weeks. This is only for a stretchy wrap or Close Caboo, depending on availability, and is not available for other types of carrier.

You may swap from a Stretchy Wrap to a Close Caboo as part of the Four Week hire period. If you exchange your carrier for one that is not on the stretchy scheme during the “free” hire period, a standard hire period will commence and your deposit may be used to pay for that period.

Using your Deposit after the “Free Hire Period”

After the initial four week hire, you will become a standard library user and may use your deposit to extend the hire for a further four week period. You may also return your hired carrier for a refund or donate the fee to help other families in need.


Extending & Returning Hired items


If you wish to extend your loan of the same carrier beyond the original agreement, hire extension fees are to be paid on or before the due date. Slings that are not renewed or returned by the due date will be charged at the daily rate. See below for details.

There may be occasions where the carrier hired to you may be required by another family – in this instance we may have to reject requests for a hire extension. This is usually during peak periods such as Summer Holidays when the lightweight summer carriers become very popular and are pre-booked months in advance.

Hire Fees are not refundable

If you are not enjoying the carrier, you are welcome to exchange for an alternative during your hire period as many times as you like. If you know which carrier you’d like to exchange it for, you can reserve it online or email us. If you need to try a couple of alternatives, please come along to a drop-in session or book a one to one appointment.


Please return your carrier on the agreed date, with all accessories (lost accessories will need to be replaced by the borrower). The Sling Spot shop is open daily Monday to Friday 10-2pm and Saturday 10-1pm for ease of return. You do not need to wash the items prior to returning them.

We will ask you to pay any outstanding fees on return.

If this isn’t possible, please get in touch to discuss alternative return dates.

You may also return hired items via a courier at your expense. Please ensure you use an insured service as you are liable for hired items until we have received them.

Late Hire Fees and Returns

Upon hiring the carrier you will be asked for your credit or debit card details. These are encrypted and stored using a third party database to pay for hire fees. If you cannot provide a card, we will make alternative arrangements. The daily rate for hiring items is up to £2 per item per day when paid in arrears.

Late Payment Collection after 28 days

28 days after the due date of your carrier, if we have not heard from you to make alternative arrangements, we will charge your card with the late fees accrued up until that point. The carrier will still be overdue and the daily rate per item per day will continue to increase.

Late Payment Collection after 56 days

56 days after the due date of the carrier, with still no communication from you, we will charge either the late fees due or the balance for the retail price of the carrier whichever is the larger. The account will be closed and you will own the carrier.

Free Stretchy Hire Scheme Deposit

If you are on the Free Stretchy Hire Scheme, your deposit will be offset against the outstanding fees when we take the Late Payment Collection above.

Hire fees are not refundable. If you return the carrier after the final payment has been taken, we will not refund the fees.

Care and Cleaning

General Care

Please look after your carrier carefully.

Your buckle carrier may come with suck pads to prevent damage from teething children chewing on the straps. Please return these with your hired carrier.

Please do not smoke whilst using the carriers, coats and accessories; and avoid using or storing them in smoky environments.

Please keep any pets away from hire items, as the next family to hire may have a significant allergy.

If the carrier has a chest strap, please be aware that these can detach. Check when removing the carrier that the strap is still attached. If you lose the straps, you will need to pay to replace them.


If you need to clean your carrier, please contact us first. Many slings have particular advice to ensure they do not lose their shape and structure.

Spot cleaning is the safest if you have any accidents. The suck pads can be washed with your usual load. This ensures that you are happy that little one is chewing a safely cleaned suck pad and the carrier is protected from teeth, dribble and too frequent washing.

If you DO clean your carrier (after taking advice or referring to the instructions if you have them), please:

Use non-biological liquid (such as Ecover, to avoid exacerbating allergies in the next user),

NO optical brighteners (they can damage fabric)

NO fabric conditioner (they make the fabric fibres and buckles slippy).

Many manufacturers recommend closing all buckles and washing carriers inside old pillowcases.


Should your carrier get wet, line drying is the safest option. Tumble-drying carriers can shorten their lives.

Lost Or Damaged Carriers

All items are loaned out undamaged.

If anything happens to the carrier whilst it is in your possession, please contact us and do not use the sling any further, for your own safety.

The full replacement of any lost or damaged carriers, accessories or instructions will be borne in full by the borrower, to replace the item like for like. In case of postal hire, the deposit paid will not be refunded.  The value of lost or destroyed carriers that you will pay will be the new Retail Price of the carrier irrespective of how old the carrier is.

If we have been unable to charge your card for the outstanding hire fees, and you do not return or pay for hired items despite several reminders (we will always do our best to contact you), we will refer the matter to the police and the small claims court to recoup the full costs of the items on hire.

Ownership of the hired equipment.

All hired equipment remains the property of Sling Spot Ltd until we relinquish ownership either by an agreed sale to you or when we have taken the final payment for an unreturned hired item after 56 days from the due date of the item(s).

Privacy Policy

We collect, use and process your data according to good practice as laid out by the GDPR Act. Our privacy policy can be seen here

Updated 31st March 2021