A workshop is a group setting where people can learn together sociably. This may be a general introduction to slings, learning how to use one carrier in several different ways, or perfecting one slightly more complex carry. Here are some examples.

  • Gettting Started with Slings
  • Introduction to Woven Wraps
  • Rocking the Ring Sling
  • Back Carry with a Full Buckle
  • Introduction to Woven Wraps
  • Hip Carries with Woven Wraps
  • Beginners Back Carry with a Wrap Workshop
  • Advanced Back Wrapping Workshop
  • Carrying Twins

I limit this to between four to eight people, depending on the complexity of the subject. This ensures I have enough time and attention to be able to concentrate on each member of the workshop and ensure everyone leaves with a smile!

Children are welcome; if your older toddler is likely to find the session hard work and make learning difficult for others, a one to one session may be more productive.


1.5 - 2 hours
£20-25 per person

Library and Hire

Slings can be hired from the workshops, depending on stock and demand later in the week.

This is a fixed price of £5 per sling for a week’s hire or £15 for four weeks, paid in advance or renewed on time (the daily rate is £1/day). We will ask you to fill in a hire form with your details and read the terms and conditions when hiring.

You will get an email from us after your hire (please check junk folders!), and our videos page has lots of helpful links.


£1/day £5/week if renewed on time
  • £15 per four weeks
  • if renewed on time

Sling “Parties”

Sometimes friends or groups of twin parents like to club together to have a group workshop. The cost for this depends on the size of the group and the complexity, but will usually be similar to the workshop prices. Please get in touch with me to arrange.