Workshops are a small group setting where people can learn together sociably. It’s a great way to have some fun, explore new skills in a quieter setting than a library drop in, and spend time with people at the same stage in life! Workshops we are already offering can be booked on the website or you can email us to commission one for yourself and a group of friends.

The content of the commissioned workshops are entirely up to you! Some examples of commissioned workshops:
  • a group of expectant parents from an antenatal class wishing a general introduction to slings before their babies arrive
  • a few friends who want to share a consultation-type session for support with using their carriers as library sessions feel too busy
  • a group of friends keen to learn how to use one carrier in several different ways (eg a woven wrap or a ring sling)
  • a group of friends wanting to perfect one slightly more complex carry (eg back carrying or breastfeeding in a sling).

We limit the maximum number of people per workshop to six. This ensures we have enough time and attention to be able to concentrate on each member of the workshop and ensure everyone leaves with a smile!

Children are welcome; if your older toddler is likely to find the session hard work and make learning difficult for others, a one to one session may be more suitable.