We offer a range of tailored one-to-one consultations, appointments and social groups to meet a range of needs.

This can be very helpful for people new to slings, feeling unsure, or wanting to learn a new skill. It is also a great way try a range of carriers out at the same time with guidance. The personal touch can make a real difference to a family’s confidence with their carrier.

You have a choice of face to face services or online appointments via Zoom. Face to face services take place at our premises, The Snug, 73, Leadmill Road, Sheffield.

*Please check our website for further guidance on services affected by Covid19*

Face to face consultations/appointments

One to one f2f consultation examples

  • one hour with a consultant (highly experienced with in depth training)
  • includes a week free hire
  • suitable for those who would value more support and a quiet space with plenty of time
  • suitable for expectant/new parents who want to try a range of slings for their baby
  • suitable for special circumstances (such as disability, carrying multiples, prematurity, experiencing pain while carrying, etc)
  • suitable for those who want to try several carrying options in a single session
  • suitable for those who want to learn a complex skill (eg back carry with a woven, tandem carrying)

30 minute f2f appointment examples

  • half an hour with one of our professionals
  • suitable for those who need quicker help but still value a quieter space
  • suitable for those who want to learn a simple new skill (eg back carry with a buckle or breastfeeding in a sling)
  • suitable for those who want a fit check (this can be with your own carrier)
  • suitable for those who want to purchase a specific carrier and be sure it is the right option for them
  • suitable for those who want to try something new (eg learn how to use a ring sling or a front carry with a woven wrap)
  • suitable for those who want to try a specific type of carrier (eg a different buckle carrier)

Book a brief f2f sling clinic appointment

These free short slots are available throughout the week and are 5-10 minutes long. They are suitable for in person fit checks or to try one simple carrier.

Online consultations/appointments

If you would prefer an online consultation or appointment, then please book using the button below. You will need to download the Zoom app (free) or have a good browser on your smartphone or laptop that has a camera prior to your appointment. Please note that we do not offer back carry consultations via Zoom, for safety reasons.

Free online ten minute appointments for quick fit checks

These can be very useful for quick support where a more in-depth session is not needed.

Join one of our group sessions for in person support

We offer infant feeding support groups on Thursdays (for all parents/caregivers and all types of feeding) and Sling Bite and social groups for babies under 4ish months on Fridays. These are all small, friendly groups.

Want to arrange a consultation as a gift for a friend? How lovely! You can find our gift certificates at this link.

We are aware that not every family with a disability, or a parent of multiples or a baby who was premature etc will need a consultation, please get in touch to discuss if you are not sure.

Our aim is to provide affordable support to babywearing parents all over the region. Most of our drop-in library sessions for simple advice/hires are free or have a minimal charge; these can work well for those on a budget. If you have a challenging circumstance and financial hardship, please get in touch with the Building Bonds Project who may be able to support you. Your local health professional may be able to refer you for help if you are suffering with perinatal mental illness, or have a seriously unwell or disabled child.