Do you know what carrier you need and want to arrange a fast-track collection?

We have an online catalogue where you can browse the carriers we have in stock and see when they are due back.

If you find something you want (or are happy for us to choose for you within certain parameters, eg buckle, toddler size) then please fill out this reservation form; we will then contact you to arrange collection from the Sling Spot shop (open Weekdays 10-2pm and Saturdays 10-1pm)

Please note that fast track hire does not include fitting and usage advice and is only suitable for those who are familiar with carriers and how to use them safely. If you would like some support, an appointment or a library session would be best (see our services flow chart for more information).

Please note that families may choose to renew carriers and we cannot guarantee the sling of your choice will be returned on time, or hasn’t been pre-booked; we will do our best to meet your needs.

fast track hire