We offer a range of services for parents who are keen to explore the world of carrying their babies close.  We have plenty of services to meet every need. Read more to see how to get some hands on help!

Our well-loved “4th Trimester” drop in sessions are currently held online every Tuesday morning, from 10:30 to 12:30, in an 6 week cycle. This is suitable for pregnant families and babies up to four months. Booking is essential and the sessions are free to attend from anywhere in the UK.

4th Trimester Sheffield

free stretchy close caboo hire scheme services
Free Stretchy Hire Scheme

We have a free Stretchy Wrap/Close Caboo Hire Scheme for all babies under six weeks of age. They can be loaned from any of the library clinic slots or consults/workshops for free for four weeks.

We ask for a refundable £15 deposit on hire and we will show you how to use the carrier safely before you go and provide you with ongoing support as needed. Read more here.

Our short (5-10minute) sling library clinic slots are open to all ages and are designed to offer fit checks and quick guidance. These slots are free. You are most welcome to bring your own carrier for help, you will never get any judgement from our staff. We welcome all caregivers and all slings!

Please note that we have a limited time to spend with each visitor to the library clinic so we can only provide brief support. Some families will visit the sling library a few times as they explore the options available to them, others will book longer 1-2-1 appointments. We do not cover back carries in ten minute slots, and learning how to carry twins can take more time than we can offer in such a short time.

Building Bonds

If you feel that you need carrier help but are unable to access funds, the Building Bonds Project  is a CIC, designed to support families in need who would benefit from a baby carrier. They donate slings to those in financial hardship (eg in receipt of healthy start vouchers) and accept referrals from health care professionals, sling libraries and self-referrals for parents struggling with postnatal depression, unwell children or complex social care situations.