Rosie is a mum of 2, a GP, and a passionate advocate of sling and carrier use and education. She founded one of her local sling meets with some friends in 2012. It has been wonderful to watch these parents spread the word about sling use far and wide across the area.

She runs the Sheffield Sling Surgery, a consultancy and sling library service, and the associated online Sheffield Sling Surgery Virtual Community. She has been trained by several schools registered with the British Association of Babywearing Instructors. She is very experienced and is often asked to speak or demonstrate at shows around the UK.

She and her husband Rob run the online shop Sling Spot, aiming to provide parents with high quality, beautiful and comfortable slings and accessories. They also run the Sling Pages, a non-affiliated website listing all the sling professional resources in the UK and Eire.

She trains babywearing peer supporters through the Born to Carry initiative, running courses all around the country. She loves writing, and produces lots of articles about safe and comfortable sling use for several websites and publications.

Her book “Why Babywearing Matters” was published by Pinter and Martin in May 2016.

Here’s what she has to say about her two interests.

“I’m a GP in the UK with a particular interest in holistic medicine as well as children and women’s health and medical ethics. I began my career in hospital medicine but switched to general practice because of its flexibility with family life and the opportunities it presents to be more closely involved with communities, from cradle to grave.

I am a strong advocate of sling use, not just for convenience, but also for the great advantages babywearing can provide to the whole family, such as improved bonding, reduced reflux or colic, better muscle development and avoidance of plagiocephaly, for example.

I have two children of my own, who have both been carried happily. My youngest girl still enjoys it from time to time.”