Preloved Isara Joy


Preloved Isara Joy

Here at the Sheffield Sling Surgery, we are constantly assessing the slings, coats and accessories that are part of the library hiring catalogue. When they come to the end of their hiring life, within the library, they are assessed by our highly trained team and find their way here, ready to find a new home with a family to love them into retirement. All the items sold here will have been subject to wear and tear with noticeable flaws being remarked on within the item listing.

Why are we moving it on?

This carrier has been subject to wear and tear – there is minor wash wear to the fabric and minor fading to the edge of the webbing. There is fading to the waistband which can be seen in the image gallery. The carrier functions perfectly and comes with a detachable hood.

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We love the Isara Baby Carrier! It is so adjustable for babies from a few weeks old right up to toddlerhood and beyond, due to a clever velcro setting on the waistband that changes the panel width to fit. The panel height can also be amended for babies who like arms out, want a head rest on one side, or for extra height as baby grows! The straps can be worn crossed or rucksack style and the side straps have dual adjustability for ease of tightening. The carrier can be used on the front or the back or the hip!

The adjustable width of seating represents the biggest novelty of the ISARA carrier, making it perfectly suitable for babies from over 4 weeks, and for toddlers. The adjustable seat ranges in measurement from 26cm to 38cm. ISARA is optimized for an ergonomically correct positioning of the child, with the level of the knees above the level of the bottom, in the M shaping.

The body of the carrier is alsoadjustable, it can be lowered or raised, on both sides or asymmetrically. Raising the body panel asymmetrically is very useful for babies, providing head support on one side with free airflow on the other, especially while they sleep.

The adjustable body panel feature is useful for toddlers, because they often like to travel with their hands out of the carrier, having more freedom.

Type of carrier – Buckle Carrier

Strap type – Cross & Ruck

Age range – Can be used for children from 4 weeks to large toddler

Adjustable method – hight of the panel adjustment made via the webbing at the top of the panel. Width of the panel adjustable via velcro in the waist band.

Once adjusted, the seat of the carrier will be firmly fixed by using high quality velcro, to obtain the optimum “M shape” position.

The buckles on the shoulder straps can be used to loosen the carrier making breastfeeding easy.

The shoulder straps are broad and padded, making carrying comfortable even for heavier children.

Offers Front Carries from newborn

Offers Hip Carriers from 3/4 months with sustainable head control

Offers Back Carries from around 6 months when the child can sit unaided

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All ex-library slings are sold in an “as seen” condition. They have all been assessed and deemed safe to use.

If you are not sure it’s right for you, Hire it first.

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Many of the brands we are selling preloved are also available to purchase brand new at Sling Spot

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