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The Sheffield Sling Surgery has been supporting families with babywearing since 2013. We are here to help you and your child enjoy all the benefits of being in close contact and hands free, with comfortable, long lasting carriers that you feel confident to use.

Our staff and volunteers are all parents who have all had their lives changed by the Sheffield sling community and want to share this with you!

** Regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, we are offering limited in-person consultations and hires in addition to the Zoom video appointments, online help and sales from Sling Spot.**

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What is it that you actually do at the Sling Library?

We’re in the business of building bonds, helping families to care for their children in ways that bring stability, peace and hope. Close contact by carrying helps these bonds to build.

We don’t care how you carry your child; be it in a towel, or a tie-on carrier or something with buckles or simply in your arms.

We care that you DO carry your child, that the bonds of mutual love and confident security are built and maintained for a positive future. We don’t care too much for complex rules, and we aren’t here to judge but we do want to help you carry your child safely and comfortably, in a way that works for your whole family.

We care that you have another tool in your armoury to help you cope with the challenges of parenting without losing yourself in what can be an arduous journey. We’re here to help you and your family to thrive.

We help families find safe, well-made baby carriers that fit comfortably and are easy to put on. Many people try carriers from the library shelves, testing a few out with our support and taking a couple home on hire to see how they feel in real life and if they work well. We help people make the most of their own carriers and will support them if they need tweaks and adjustments, and recommend alternatives if needed. We teach people how to use their carriers in a range of ways, such as for hip and back carries, and facing forwards. We sell a range of excellent brands in the Sling Spot shop next door and online.

We teach skills, such as ring sling or woven wrap use, and offer one to one sessions for some in depth learning and support (that is often far beyond the actual sling itself!) We offer group sessions (4th Trimester postnatal classes and My Baby My Mind antenatal mental health workshops, as well as workshops to learn skills with your friends.

We are all parents ourselves, and are always ready to listen when needed, offer tea and signpost to other resources.