The Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library team are famous for their friendly welcome, their wealth of expertise and their accessibility. Run by Rosie Knowles and Kiri Porter, we have many years of experience helping Sheffield families to carry their children safely and well. The sling library is one of the largest in the UK (we fit and rent out carriers as well as helping people with their own). We run the much-loved 4th Trimester service for bumps and babies (on Monday mornings) and we also offer personalised workshop, consultancy and training services.

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Rosie Knowles founded the Sling Surgery in 2013, opening her home to the families of Sheffield and travelling to cafes and church halls with suitcases of slings, showing people how to use them safely! The Sling Library soon followed, and the service now has a permanent home in the City Centre at the Snug community centre, a team of dedicated volunteers, an online community and a shop (the Sling Spot)! Rosie wrote the highly acclaimed Why Babywearing Matters book, writes the educational Carrying Matters website, and travels around the UK and Europe speaking at conferences about why carrying children is so important to family health and wellbeing. She is a practising GP (family doctor) and mother of two.

We offer

We can help you from before your baby is born, to preschool age and beyond.

We can help you with your own carrier.

We can show you how to use a range of carriers on the front, hip and back, facing parent or the world, and help you hone your wrapping skills!

We support the Building Bonds Project for health and social care professionals to refer families in need to us for help.

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Our consults, workshops and most of our library sessions are held at the Snug in the City Centre.

Our Sling Library drop in sessions run all round the city, in fortnightly or monthly cycles. They are run by volunteers (sling-using parents who have been trained to help others.) Library drop ins are free (but we welcome a £2 donation towards volunteer travel), and they can get busy, so help may be limited to 10-15 minutes.

We have one of the largest and best-stocked sling libraries in the UK. It is a superb way to try a sling before you buy to check that it feels comfortable and works for you and your child! We have a free stretchy hire scheme for babies under 6weeks. We support the Building Bonds Project which donates carriers to those in hardship or with extra needs and we are always happy to answer questions.

Slings can be hired from any of our appointments, library sessions, or fast-track collection through the Sling Spot shop. We are a national retailer of baby carriers who offer a personalised fitting service in our premises.

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