How can we help and support those we know who ask us for advice about using a sling safely? Harriet is now a consultant working in the Surgery team, here are her suggestions.

“I remember being so daunted by all the babywearing rules when my first son was born. “Slings are for hippies. You must not wrap your newborn on your back. You should never ever face your baby away from you. A narrow carrier will hurt your baby’s hips!”

All these “musts nots” and “shoulds” almost made me give up before I even got started. Luckily, I found Rosie, and with it I found my confidence.

I’ve learned a lot about how to support people and wanted to share what I’ve discovered so you can help others too.”

The Sheffield Sling Surgery is run by a team of qualified consultants and trained peer supporters who give their time and knowledge to help families in Sheffield to carry children.

We are privileged to be able to pass on what we have learnt from countless generations and cultures before us, to show the tools and methods that have worked for us, to advise and guide when we are approached for help.

Here at the Sheffield Sling Surgery we focus on enabling and facilitating. We don’t judge or tell people off.

When you come to us for help, we start from what you know, highlight the positives, and build you up from there. We will never scold or make you feel inferior, and if we make mistakes we will apologise and learn.

We will ask you open questions so that you can search for the answers and learn for yourself. We provide free and accessible resources and guidance, online and in person. We support you to carry children, whoever you are, and however you choose to do it.


So when you are speaking to your friends and family and encouraging them along their own babywearing path, think about how you would feel hearing yourself speak. Think about what you have found helpful and what has been hurtful. Avoid issuing warnings, and focus on the positive. And point them in our direction if they want to know more!

And don’t forget you can remind yourself of all you might need to know about keeping babies safe in slings here.