I am a Carrying Advocate and Babywearing Peer Supporter trainer. I work under the Born To Carry banner, a collaboration of some of the most experienced babywearing teachers and facilitators in the UK, who all have teaching skills. I have trained hundreds of peer supporters and many have gone on to support their local sling libraries or set up their own – and some have continued further training into consultancy. I am an international speaker and a published author (Why Babywearing Matters) with years of experience supporting parents.

The Carrying Advocacy Peer Supporter Course has several aims. One is to understand why carrying matters so much, and how a sling can help to facilitate this. Another is to enable people to give robust, safe advice about babywearing and infuse the people they meet with excitement and confidence about using a sling. It is not a consultancy course (therefore does not cover advanced techniques such as back carrying or complex woven wrap techniques), but is designed to equip trainees with the tools they need to be able to support the parents they meet. It covers topics such as:

  • the benefits of babywearing
  • the physiological principles of baby positioning to protect airway, spine and hips
  • confidence with the most common types of sling
  • practical demonstrating skills
  • demonstrating and discussing the safe use of slings in many circumstances (eg feeding)
  • troubleshooting common difficulties
  • assessing boundaries and responsibilities
  • babywearing in a historical/sociopolitical context

It would suit those planning to or currently running sling libraries or sling meets, doulas, midwives, BabyCalm practitioners, antenatal/postnatal teachers etc, as well as parents who want to feel more equipped to share their love of slings. The content is reasonably flexible to meet the needs of the participants (there will be a pre-course questionnaire to complete on booking).

It is a one day course, usually 9-5pm, costing £90 for the day. Babes in arms are welcome, but mobile children may prove more complex. Group size is usually between four and eight, to ensure the best possible learning experience for participants. Rosie will travel around the Midlands as far as North Wales to deliver the course; some recent courses have been in Sheffield, Lancaster, Oxford, Sale and Conwy, for example.

Those who attend this course, complete the post-course assessment and receive their certificate of completion are eligible for insurance from three providers.


Dance and exercise classes with slings

Please read this first if you are considering setting up one of these classes. Please note that due to the complexities of bringing together different fields of expertise I can only offer training to those who already have a qualification in postnatal fitness. If you want to discuss whether your qualification is suitable for entry on this course please email me.

Attending or Planning a Course

Current courses can be booked online below

If you would like to arrange a course in your area (no more than an hour’s travel) please get in touch and we will send you more information.


“I really enjoyed trying different carriers. I found the trouble shooting sections particularly interesting and fun. I learnt a lot and feel more confident with all carriers and especially with how to wrap a new born.
I really loved it and now want to do the consultant training even more. Rosie was clearly very enthusiastic and dedicated and made everything so interesting. She was pretty inspiring.”

“Everything I had hoped for was met, I feel like a peer supporter now, not just someone who loves slings!”

“Hi Rosie, I couldn’t go to bed without sending you a note to say a huge thank you for the course today. I’ve never felt more included and welcome and I’m so thrilled I came along. Thank you for your hospitality and brilliant teaching, I’m raving about babywearing to my husband and cannot wait to volunteer at a meet soon.”

“I loved the content of the day, the discussions, playing with different slings, learning new ways of slinging, wrapping etc. The course was well run, well organised and I felt empowered to speak, share and question.”

“I feel much more confident in my knowledge of both the benefits of babywearing, and how to go about enabling parents.”

“Rosie was born to teach people. Simply fantastic in the way information was relayed. Would highly recommend.”

“The whole day was so good! A key element was the ability to see and try so many different types of slings and to have time to go through basic principles regarding how to use them all. The role play aspects where we were able to troubleshoot carrier problems was also very useful.”

“My personal learning aims were met, it exceeded my expectations. I found the course was extremely enjoyable and covered so much subject matter but was not overwhelming. My aims were well and truly met. I now believe I could give a new babywearer good/correct advice and help in ways I was unsure about prior to the course.”

“Having someone with your experience and knowledge available all day to ask questions and watch demo was incredible. I really enjoyed the contextual and historical information about Babywearing and what led us all into that room that day. It put everything into the ‘bigger picture’ and made me feel such a part of the huge Babywearing community. Having such a massive amount of slings in the room to try and compare was utterly invaluable – such a rare opportunity. I thought the balance between practical and theory was absolutely spot on. As someone who’s very interested in the sociopolitical aspects of Babywearing I was really pleased to see this covered in the course and really appreciated that you placed Babywearing so firmly in this context during the day.”