Have a sling on hire from the Library? Here is how to renew or return it (and how to get your own!)

You will have received an email when you hired your carrier (please check your spam folder if you haven’t seen it).


This will tell you how to renew your carrier (each week extension is £2.50 which can be paid as you go by paypal or via bank transfer, or you can pay your accrued extension fees on return in person).


You are most welcome to swap your carrier within your hire period if you wish. This can be done at the library drop in sessions or by arrangement with us outside of these dates (please email us).


Your hire email will have more information; slings are usually returned to the library drop in sessions.  Your sling can be dropped off to the collection point outside our house, but please let us know you plan to do this so we can bring it inside.

Checking for issues

We check all carriers on return to make sure all buckles are intact, all accessories have been returned (such as hoods and chest straps) and that there has been no damage. Please help us to speed this process up by checking yourself prior to return and ensuring you return any accessories or letting us know about anything missing!

If there is a problem, just get in touch, we can often help to find a speedy and satisfactory resolution.

Lost or Damaged Carriers

You will have read our terms and conditions when you hired originally. As we do not ask for deposits to hire our carriers, to ensure the service remains easily accessible, all lost and damaged slings will need to be replaced. We are happy to help you find a replacement of like for like.

Please do make every effort to return your sling or get in touch if there is a problem, we will do our best to help you.

Carriers that are not returned and customers who vanish create a lot of work for us. We will have to view this as theft, and we reserve the right to pursue this through the small claims courts, if required.

Buying your own carrier

If you have loved your carrier and would like one of your own, we have a retail arm selling most of the best-loved brands that we believe offer the best value and quality.

You are welcome to buy on return of your hire carrier, or browse our online website!