Welcome to the library catalogue of the Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library!

We have a very large lending library and run drop in sessions in and around Sheffield on most days of the week in a fortnightly cycle, including Saturdays. Rosie runs the Surgery with her husband Rob and they are supported by a fabulous team of volunteers, with a strong focus on the importance of carrying, building bonds within the family and fostering a community.

The catalogue can be browsed here. Slings cost £5 per week to hire (this includes an initial admin charge) with each subsequent week of extension £2.50. Terms and Conditions of hire are here; we do not charge a deposit to hire, but lost or damaged slings must be replaced.

We also offer doorstep hires by arrangement, and slings can of course be hired from our workshops and consultations.

The Sheffield Sling Surgery website is here – full of useful information about safety, all sorts of articles about warm/cold weather carrying. knee to knee support, big kid carrying and so on (direct link here) and a post about how to choose a sling here.

Drop in dates link is here – listing all the upcoming library sessions for the next few weeks.

Our Facebook page is here and the online support group the Virtual Sling Surgery is here, a great place to share photos, ask questions, keep up to date with the latest news and book onto workshops.

Many of the carriers for rent can also be bought locally at the Sling Spot, the retail arm of the service, with discounts for library users who collect in person!