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If you are looking for a specific video for a particular type of sling, please see the categories below.

I would highly recommend a look at my safe carrying page for guidance on how to keep your child safe in a sling.

Here are some safety reminders, please ensure you know how to protect your baby’s airway and ensure a good position for them before you use a sling.

Please note

Please note that these videos are to be used at your own risk. There is no substitute for hands-on help at one of the Surgery events or in a one-to-one. Always keep your child safe!

Here are some reminders of the positioning of babies and children in carriers.

Young babies should be held in this supportive tucked position that respects their natural anatomy. The M shape describes the shape of the legs; with knees higher than bottom. This is how babies naturally position themselves when they are relaxed and held in arms, or resting on the floor or in reclined seats. A newborn has a much narrower M shape than an older baby (and each baby will open his/her hips at his/her own pace).

The J shape describes the shape of the head and spine; a gentle curve with the pelvis tucked under. Having a tuck at the base means that the heavy head is less likely to slump over. Chin can be kept up and the chest cavity kept open and uncompressed.

Carries with a Stretchy Wrap

Many parents love to use a stretchy wrap for their newborn; it is very comfortable as it distributes the weight widely around the body . It is also very snuggly for babies and reminiscent of the warmth and gentle pressure all around that they enjoyed in utero.

They are not hard to use; these videos will show you how to put stretchy wraps on safely, how to fix them if baby feels too low, and how to use the stretchy as a breastfeeding aid without needing to remove the sling (please note the safety advice in that video!)

Sheffield Sling Surgery Videos

Other Videos

Putting twins into one stretchy wrap

Close Carrier Front Carry

Pocket wrap cross carry with a two-way stretchy wrap, showing how to ensure baby does not slump over (with baby)
More detailed video of a two-way stretchy wrap with a doll
Video showing the pelvic tuck with a stretchy wrap

Soft Structured Carriers (Buckles/Tie Straps)

The videos in this section look at soft structured carriers (full buckle carriers and meh dais/bei dais (formerly known as mei tais), showing you how to use them for front, hip and back carries, as well as how to make a good seat in a carrier with the pelvic tuck.

Front Carries with a Connecta

Hip and Back carries with a Connecta

Front Carry with a Waistbanded Cross Strap Carrier (Sleepy Nico, Manduca, Beco, etc)

Front Carry with a Rucksack strap carrier (Tula, Boba 4G, Lillebaby, Emeibaby, etc)

How to put on a Connecta Baby Carrier with a small baby (front carry)

How to make a good seat in a carrier, creating a pelvic tuck
How to put on a cross strap carrier with a small baby (front carry)  – using a Sleepy Nico

How to put on a rucksack strap carrier with a preclipped belt  – using a Tula

Carries with a Woven Wrap

Woven wraps are very versatile and can be used for children of every age, from newborn to preschooler, on the front, hip and back. They come in several different lengths –read more here.

In this selection Rosie demonstrates just a few of the possibilities and links to other excellent videos to help you make the most of your woven wrap.

Here is a very useful Wiki of Woven Wrap Carries by size.

Front wrap cross carry with small baby, legs out and twist under bum

Ring Sling Carries

Ring slings are a popular choice with parents wanting something simple yet versatile, and they can be used from newborn to toddlerhood and beyond. There is often a learning curve to making them as comfortable and safe as possible; the videos in this section will show you how to use them well. Practice makes perfect and sometimes some one-to-one help can make all the difference.

Ring Sling Prep and tummy to tummy carry with a newborn

The Wearing Wiki of woven wrap carries

View the wiki

Your own local sling library/consultant at the Sling Pages…

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