Please note that our service has adapted to the current Coronavirus outbreak. We are focusing more on quick no-contact pick-ups or postal hires, 1-2-1 consultations and online support. Please see **this link** for more information. Library sessions are currently not running.

Welcome to the Sheffield Sling Surgery sling library. It is one of the largest libraries in the UK with over 800 slings and carriers in a very wide range, along with many accessories too.

Rosie, Kiri and their trained team help over 300 people a month around the region. We can help you with your own sling, help you try out several options and troubleshoot your own carrier. We help parents, grandparents, foster parents, childminders, with children of varying ages and stages of development. As Rosie is a GP she is able to add a depth of medical expertise, and Kiri is a trained breastfeeding peer supporter. Both have a wealth of experience.

We are based at the Snug, a premises near the city centre that provides a permanent home to the sling library as well as many other community groups offering services to parents of young children.

“I teach people how to use their carriers safely, comfortably and well, with confidence and enjoyment. I help them negotiate their way through the often confusing and myriad choices out there, and if there are confounding issues such as back pain, unusual body shapes, or specific medical needs I can help you find the right sling for your circumstances.”



The Sling Library, its workshops and consultations are all based at the Snug, our city centre premises near the Station/Interchange. This is at 71 Leadmill Road, S1 4SE.

There are several drop-in branch Sling Library sessions around the city throughout the month in different locations. The library and calendar pages have full details.

Our advice at library sessions is free; most sessions have a entry fee of £2. This fee helps to cover costs such as volunteer travel and allows us to maintain an accessible and affordable sling library.

Newborns and pregnant families are welcome at all the drop ins, but the 4th Trimester service and our evening introductory classes are particularly tailored to their needs. Read more about our introductory services here.

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What happens at a Sling Library drop-in?

A sling library gives you a chance to try things before you buy, as a sling that isn’t comfortable for you, or one that your baby does not like, could be an expensive experiment! Some parents find a carrier they love straight away, some may try several different types before settling on one that feels the best. Every parent and child combination is unique and what worked well for your friend, or what you have been advised to try on the internet, may not be the best-fitting choice in real life.

No appointment is needed, but if it is busy, there are chairs and toys available while you wait. You will be asked to sign in at the desk and give us an indication of the help you need today. Rosie and the peer supporter team will see everyone in turn and sometimes help several families with similar needs together.

Please note, Sling Library drop in can be busy. It can be fun, and you can learn a lot by watching other people be fitted, or seeing other babies being carried. There may be a wait, but do make yourselves comfortable and make friends with your fellow visitors! Do feel free to watch demonstrations and ask questions, and have a look at the carriers on show in the boxes.

There are weighted demo dolls for practice before you try with your child, please wait for one of us to provide you with some support before you put your baby into a sling.

If you feel that a group space is not for you, are pressed for time, one to one prearranged sessions are available where you can have a quieter, more tailored experience. There is a charge for this private service, many find it a very useful option indeed. We also offer group workshops for learning how to use a particular type of carrier. Slings can be hired from these sessions.

Sling Hire

We have a very extensive collection and a lot of experience. Hiring is a useful way to try things out at home in real circumstances before committing to a purchase.

Library slings can be hired from the library drop-ins, from the consultations and workshops and from the Sling Spot shop next door to the Snug. Our catalogue can be browsed here. If you know what sling you would like to borrow we offer a fast-track service at the Sling Spot shop (next door to the Snug) for quick pickup, no waiting at a library session needed.

We will ensure you know how to use your hired sling safely before you take it away!

You will be asked to fill out your contact details on the online library database and sign the terms and conditions of hire. This will email you details of your hire, how to use the sling you have borrowed and when it is due back. It sends out automatic reminders the day before slings are due to be returned, and reminders if it runs overdue. You will be able to extend your hire by replying to your hire email.

Slings can be returned to the library session they were hired from (they run in cycles), or to the Sling Spot shop which is open daily, 10-2pm.

Slings cost £5 per week to hire when the fee is paid upfront on collection. Four weeks will be £15. Slings can be renewed online for £5 per week if paid in advance or on the due date.

The daily rate is £1. Slings that are renewed or returned after their due date will be charged at the daily rate.

If anything happens to your carrier, please get in touch, we will do our best to resolve any issues.

The Sling Spot shop is next door to the Snug and is open daily for browsing and buying.

We don’t require deposits for the hire of carriers, to keep them accessible to many, but because of this I do ask that you agree to replace the full cost of the carrier should anything untowards happen. We operate on trust rather than enforcing deposits; please respect this and keep in touch with us if there are any problems. 

Sling Hire

£5per week paid upfront
  • £15 for four weeks
  • Daily rate £1

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions if you would like to hire a sling at your consultation/workshop or from a library drop-in session/meet/doorstep.

Lost or Damaged Carriers

As part of this agreement, the full replacement of any lost or damaged carriers, accessories or instructions will be borne by the borrower.

We reserve the right to use the small claims court system to recoup losses from slings that are not returned. Please do not abuse the service.

Payment Methods

Loan costs are payable by cash, credit card, cheque, gifted Paypal payment or bank transfer.

Postal Hire

We offer postal hire of most of the carriers in the Library; please email us to arrange. Carriers are sent by special delivery, and for postal hire we ask for deposits (fully refundable on safe return of the carrier in the condition in which it was sent).