We offer a range of services for parents who are just beginning to explore the world of carrying their babies close.  We have plenty of introduction to slings options. Read more to see how to get some hands on help!

Babies need prolonged periods of nurturing in the early months of their lives while they are still vulnerable and in need of full time care. Meeting a baby’s need for this intense closeness can be challenging and tiring. Many families find that using a good carrier that fits them and supports baby well and safely makes a massive difference; in fact it can often be a game-changer. Being able to be hands free while nurturing your baby can be both very practical, as well as very beneficial to the mental and physical health of your child. It can also be very helpful for parental mental health, being able to get out and about, knowing your child is safe in their favourite place. You can read more about why babywearing is so helpful here.

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We offer one to one appointments which can be tailored to your needs. These are an hour long. cost £35 per family unit and can be arranged at various times to fit everyone’s calendar. Many parents like to come antenatally, to get familiar with the options and be prepared before baby arrives! We see lots of families in the early postnatal period too.

Our free stretchy and close caboo hire scheme for babies under six weeks can be accessed from these consults..

We also offer mini consults for half an hour (£20 per family unit) if you do not need a whole hour. Please check with us first if you have a child or parent with additional needs; sometimes the extra time is very valuable.

Please book via the link (if the slots are all taken or you need an out of hours session please email us to see what we can do). Weekends and evenings can occasionally be arranged if needed (but please bear in mind that we also have young families ourselves!)

Slings can be hired from these sessions (you get a free week’s hire with the full hour’s booking) or bought from the Sling Spot shop next door.

Our well-loved “4th Trimester” drop in sessions are held at the Snug every Monday morning, from 1030 to 1230, in an 6 week cycle. This is suitable for pregnant families and babies up to four months. No booking needed, and it is free to attend, but we do ask for a small contribution towards the running costs of the session and the refreshments we provide. Upcoming dates can be found on the 4th Trimester page and on the facebook page events.

The first session is all about building secure attachment relationships and how slings can help with this. In subsequent weeks, Lindsay will support parents with topics covering crying, sleeping, how baby and parent brains work, relationships and more. There is regular infant feeding support each week from Lizzie Rolls or Jane Tarbuck, who run the “feeding” topic of the cycle, and there is a regular guest slot about caring for the post natal body from Libby at S1 Chiropractic (who is very experienced with women’s health).

After each week’s topic, there will be sling safety guidance, support and the opportunity to hire a sling. Slings can be hired from this session (the free stretchy/Caboo hire scheme can be accessed here) or bought from the Sling Spot shop next door. The sessions can get busy but they are friendly and well-loved. If you would prefer a quieter session, we offer one-to-ones or shorter mini consults (see here).

We have a free Stretchy/Caboo Hire Scheme for all babies under six weeks of age. Stretchies or Close Caboos can be loaned from any of the library sessions or consults/workshops for free for four weeks. We ask for a refundable £15 deposit on hire and we will show you how to use your stretchy safely before you go and provide you with ongoing support as needed. Read more here.

On returning your stretchy/Caboo, we will refund your £15, or you can choose to reinvest it (eg use it to pay for a second month’s hire, use it as a voucher towards buying your own stretchy or anything in the shop, or pay it forwards into the Building Bonds Project to help others in need.)

More information about this scheme can be found here in this link.

Our sling library drop ins (dates here and on our facebook page) are open to all ages, and we will help anyone who comes. They can be busy, but they are friendly; our advice and support is free but we ask for a £2 donation to cover running costs and reimburse volunteers for their travel. You can identify the staff by their necklaces (made by Chomping at the Bead).

If these open drop-ins feel too busy, we offer mini consult slots; shorter half hour slots with a consultant that is £20 per family unit. This is great if you just need a little bit of help but would prefer a little more quiet and calm!

Please note that we have a limited time to spend with each visitor to the library, so we can only provide limited support each time, many families will visit the sling library a few times as they explore the options available to them. We do not cover back carries with woven wraps at this session, and learning how to carry twins can take more time than we can offer here. We have workshops and one-to-one consultations for these needs.

There is a sign in sheet at the entrance so we can be sure nobody is missed and we see everyone in turn. If you have complex needs we may ask for you to be seen by one of the consultants (which may be why the running order can alter occasionally).

You are most welcome to bring your own carrier for help using, you will never get any judgementalism from our staff. We welcome all carers, we do not discriminate.

The Building Bonds Project  is a CIC, designed to support families in need who would benefit from a baby carrier. They donate slings to those in financial hardship (eg in receipt of healthy start vouchers) and accept referrals from health care professionals for parents struggling with postnatal depression, unwell children or complex social care situations.

Read more about them here.