Using a sling can be of great therapeutic benefit to babies and carers. It can also be very useful for those at risk of or suffering with mood disorders, as well as a great help to those families in very difficult personal circumstances. Our Building Bonds scheme aims to help these families to keep their children close while giving them their hands back.

Health/Social Care Professional: if you are caring for a patient..

  • who is suffering from postnatal depression or other perinatal mood disorders such as anxiety,
  • or has a child with a serious or life-limiting illness or disability
  • or has a child spending a lot of time in hospital
  • or are in need of intensive social care support

…you are welcome to refer them to our Building Bonds scheme for support. Please note we provide carrier support and are not a substitute for psychological and medical care.

We ask you to let us know if they are in financial hardship (eg getting healthy start vouchers) so we can ensure our support is reserved for those in greatest need.


Please read our referral guidelines here

If you wish to protect your patient’s data, please download the referral form, fill it out and email to my secure NHS email here

or post it to

Dr Rosie Knowles, Selborne Road Medical Centre, 1 Selborne Road, S10 5ND

Link to Referral Form (will download a docx file to your downloads folder)

Read about how carrying can help with mental health disorders and aid with bonding here.

What is Postnatal Depression?                   Help for Postnatal Depression

Mental health matters; many modalities are needed to support those suffering with mental health disorders. Please go and see your GP, your midwife, your health visitor, your local PND charity (here in Sheffield it is Light Sheffield); don’t suffer alone.

Babywearing is not a panacea or cure-all;  but it can be one resource in a toolbox for survival. For many, it can simply be a practical solution for getting around and out of the house; for others, the act of carrying can be calming and uplifting. There is a hormonal basis to how close contact can help with mood disorders (oxytocin and dopamine), For many, the use of a sling (when the last thing you want to do is hold a baby) can trigger these biological cascades.

It is important to recognise that for some, close contact is not helpful; please do seek further support.

Here is a fantastic downloadable article about some of the many therapeutic benefits of babywearing.