Introduction to Woven Wraps

10th April 2019 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Snug
71 Leadmill Road
S1 4SE
Introduction to Woven Wraps @ The Snug

Introduction to Woven Wraps is a workshop event at the Snug.

Woven wraps are beautiful and many people wish they could learn how to use them… and we will show you how easy it can be! There is something about the tightening process of the fabric that seems to have a magic calming effect (though there is a lot of neuroscience behind it!)

Long woven wraps are among the most versatile options for carrying children of all ages, from birth to preschool age and beyond. They can be used on the front, back and hip, in single layers or several. We will look at how woven wraps are made, look at some different blends and lengths. We will teach you how to use a long woven wrap in a simple front carry; and how to tighten the wrap effectively for security and comfort.
In this session we will start with the basic “FWCC – front wrap cross carry”, learning how to make it very comfortable, before moving onto either the Front Cross Carry or the Robin’s Hip Carry.

£20 per person, 2hrs long