Coronavirus and the Sling Library Service

Update 1st June 2020

Update to our services due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout this pandemic, we have kept our services running in line with best practices and government regulations. We are grateful to all our customers who have supported us to support them and their little ones!

Due to the relaxed rules regarding the lockdown, we will be opening the Sling Spot shop on a restricted basis from Tuesday 2nd June 2020. Customers will be accepted by appointment only and this will be for drop offs and collections of hires and purchases in a socially distant manner and slots must be booked in advance on our scheduling website.

Returning your carrier:-

We will be receiving Postal Returns to:-

Sling Spot Ltd

71-73 Leadmill Road


S1 4SE

Please double bag your carrier prior to posting and inform us via email ( that you have despatched your carrier to us so that we are expecting its return.  Until we have received it in store, it is still your responsibility. As we are open for restricted hours, there may be a delay in receiving your items, but we will waive fees for items that have been returned within a reasonable timeframe from the due date and with prior communication from you that you have despatched the item to us.

In Person returns

You are welcome to return your carrier in person by booking an appointment when the shop is open. Please do not enter the shop if there is someone already in the shop area by the door. When you are in the shop, we request that you stay in the area by the door.  We will be using necessary PPE, apply social distancing measures and best practices for sanitising that area. We will have wipes and hand sanitiser available.

We will quarantine all hire items that have been returned to us before washing and inspecting before being available for the next customer.


Hiring a new item or buying in person

Please inform us in advance of your visit that you wish to hire an alternative or that you’d like to purchase items during your visit. For hires, you can request items via email. 

If you haven’t hired from us before, we would recommend having a quick free appointment bookable here to ensure we can meet your requirements. Once you have set up your account on our system, we can despatch your item or have it ready for you to collect on your specified collection date.

For purchases, you can choose Collection in person from the Sling Spot shop when checking out on the website. Please book your collection appointment here.


We prefer to have payments made in advance via card, PayPal or bank transfer for the transactions in store. We will not be accepting cash. Please ask for advice on how to pay if unsure.

Despatching items

We are continuing to despatch items daily, and with PPE in use as we prepare your hired or purchased items.

In Person appointments

We are currently offering appointments on-line only via Zoom – this is to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

We will keep abreast of developments and will continue to adjust the services offered with the severity of the situation.

Thank you again

With Love

The Sling Spot and Sheffield Sling Surgery Team

Previous Updates


Update 26th March.

We’re still committed to bringing you a helpful and useful sling support service. Babies and children’s needs have not changed and your stress levels may be high; we know close contact and cuddles help at difficult times. So we are remaining open with major adaptations.

All our consults are now online (via Zoom) and as we can’t offer library drop ins and shop support as usual, we are offering free ten minute Zoom “fit checks or quick advice” in addition to our usual 30min/60min appts. These can all be booked in the usual way via

Our team can offer this from home and have mini libraries themselves to show you how things work.

One member of staff will be posting/delivering pre-arranged hires and sales from Some parcels may be delivered in person to the doorstep, with with careful distancing, to preserve hands off and avoid long post office queues. Our premises have been carefully cleaned and none of our currently working staff have symptoms and have been taking precautions to avoid exposure. Parcels are all packed, prepared and sent out with gloves and masks in use.

Our premises are closed to all visitors and the shutters remain closed, which means we cannot accept any parcels, therefore we are not able to receive any returns. We are thus offering everyone who currently has a hire from us a discounted six week extension, please get in touch via email. We are working to offer people who wished to swap hires a solution, please get in touch to discuss.

We’ll support you all as long as we can, working this way means we can still give you the help you need as this situation continues.

Coronavirus and the Sling Library Service

Update 23rd of March 2020 10:30 PM


We are  now in a national lockdown, so we have closed the Snug/Sling Spot to visitors. We are currently still posting orders and supporting people online with video consultations and email. All current hires will be extended (we cannot accept in person/postal hire returns as the doors are locked) and we may be able to offer alternative carriers in addition to your current hire if needed. Please take advantage of our online appointments  – ranging from ten minutes (free) to 30/60 minutes.


Update 21st of March 2020 11:30 AM


Due to the ongoing Covid19 situation and the likely lockdown ahead, we have updated our service provision again.

What services are we still offering?

We have CLOSED the library drop in sessions, and have also stopped offering face-to-face consultations until further notice.

In Person Sling Support CONTINUES ONLINE

We are now providing all our 1-2-1s via online Zoom video appointments. All currently booked face to face sessions can be converted to Zoom easily. We have trialled this out and it is working very well indeed.

Please see this booking link to arrange your 30min or one hour video slot. We can post out your chosen carrier after your appointment (whether it is a hire or a sale).

This is now a core part of our service to Sheffield families, along with online 4th Trimester, postal hires and sales of slings.

What about babywearing?

Should you stop cuddling our children or comforting them when they cry? The answer to that is NO! Keep going! Why?

🔸 Babies and young children need love and cuddles just as much as ever, and they don’t understand the situation. Close contact will still be the best way to nurture them, for healthy growth and reassurance. A good sling continues to help you meet your child’s need for cuddles.

🔸You are likely to be feeling more anxious during this pandemic; and we know that closeness and cuddles help reduce stress: activating the parasympathetic system and boosting oxytocin. Having your child cuddled close to you may be very calming and therapeutic, and allow you to feel more in control of the situation and able to do something positive (like the image attached).

🔸Your child may be aware of your heightened emotions and feel anxious too: so the closeness of babywearing, how it encourages conversation, and and the extra movement of walking may help bring calm to your child too. This applies to all ages!

🔸Slings help you to be hands-free: if your children need to stay home due to school or daycare closure, or you have to work from home, or are isolated, you may find that using a sling allows you to meet the needs of the household more effectively.

🔸You may find it useful to have a carrier for trips out when you want to avoid your child licking surfaces (😂👅) or being in prolonged contact with others.

🔸Most carriers can be washed and wiped down easily between uses.

🔸There is little formal guidance about feeding and skin to skin contact with the virus with young babies: and with what we know about the importance of the early months and years on child development, it would seem that to carry on as normal is probably best. Children seem to be less severely affected by the virus but they *will* be affected by distancing from their primary caregivers. Parents will also feel this distancing significantly. We will all have to make that decision ourselves for the family’s best interests.


As the advice from the government changes we may implement different measures, we will update this page any time changes are made and you can follow us on Social Media to be notified of any changes.