This page contains various resources that may be useful for education and supporting others. They can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the photos. Please ensure you credit me (Dr Rosie Knowles) if you use them.

M and J Shape Positioning Diagrams

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Babywearing Matters Infographic

Carrying is Normal Infographic

Carry Well booklet (for screen)

Carry Well C fold Leaflet (for print)

Healthy Hip Diagrams

J shape photograph

TICKS guidelines

from the UK Sling Consortium

Feeding Safely in Slings

Secure Attachment Matters

Be Safe poster

Six Reasons to Use a Baby Carrier poster

Here are some links to useful articles and journalism

Carrying in Special Circumstances articles

Common Concerns and Queries articles

Sling Safety

Why Carrying Matters article

for Juno Magazine (issue 44)

Articles on Building Secure Attachment

Attachment, Babies and Carrying


Secure Attachment and the Fourth Trimester


Seven Reasons to Carry Your Baby